brand building

Your social footprint is your primary opportunity to make a first impression. Your brand needs to be crisp, fine-tuned, and relevant. R&R has experience building brands large and small.


voice and tone

We recognize what it takes to stand out in the marketplace. We know how to create your brand for the impact you want, with the voice you need. 


Nothing is more important than your logo. We’ve created stunning logos for dozens of brands and are eager to work on yours!

Web Design

The ads, logo, social presence all has to direct back to your brand’s hub and home. R&R designs high-end websites for any industry. 

Brand Guidelines

Once you establish your voice, it’s important to share your brand’s best practices with any collaborators. It’s vital not to misuse your logo or use the wrong brand cadence for you to keep a clear brand identity. R&R will create the Brand Guidelines you’ll use to establish best practices for your digital presence. 

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A-Z branding

Process from start to Finish with some Branding we did for Cadence Gourmet opening up in Target nation wide.

Video Brand Packages

BumBag already had an amazing brand in place & established, and we helped to keep that inline while creating 6 videos for their brand.

Helping to instill an already supported world wide brand like American Idol