digital marketing campaigns

R&R wants to make your brand growth as seamless as possible. We will handle everything from ad creation through distribution. 

We want our content to make an impact, which is why we hyper target the ads for segmented audiences. In the digital age, one ad for all won’t cut it. Facebook’s ad algorithm isn’t interested in broad marketing appeals. Distribution is optimized when different messages are used to differentiate audiences. 

Between Facebook’s ad purchasing reach through FB, Instagram and the Audience Network, and Google Adwords industry dominance, there are more ways than ever to connect with your likely market. Differentiating your ad medium is key. You’ll need stills and video. Vertical cuts and square. Cinemagraphs, slideshows and carousel’s. All optimized for specific social platforms.

It’s not enough to have great ads. The CTA needs to incite the customer to engage. We also create stunning, thoughtful, and engaging social content. It’s important your brand continues to publish original content to stay relevant. 

Social Media Content Examples

R&R has the expertise to create the ads, plan the media buy, devise the marketing strategy, create supplemental social content and schedule the posts. To top it off, we’ll provide monthly reports on the advertisement effectiveness to inform future strategy. This snapshot of your key performance indicators is essential to proving our ROI. 

We do it all so you don’t have to.